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Trust In Yourself

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In the moment is where the miraculous happens.

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  • Today

  • Ego

    Checking the ego; For me, this was a very hard concept to internalize. First I wasn’t aware that I even had an ego… but found out that we all do. Ego by definition, is the sense of self-esteem or importance. Not only did I have an ego, but I was an egomaniac. So it took…

  • Trust In Yourself

    Enough self help books… enough motivational memes… enough listening to gurus… enough enough… just love yourself, love what you do, love who you are with, build your inner circle… and forget the rest… nothing else matters… oh and most importantly, DO NOT listen to me… wth do I know? Lol

  • Putting Yourself Out There

    I love seeing all my friends, here and abroad, putting themselves out there and doing what they love. Whether it is opening up a martial arts school, making art, shooting photos, or creating original music, it is super inspiring. And because I am doing what I love, it is like we are all doing this…

  • I Don’t Know

    What does it mean to be a beginner at something? What comes up when you don’t know something? For me, my ego screams for me to hurry up and advance… hurry up and be a professional at whatever it is I’m attempting to begin. I am a perfectionist and I come down really hard on…